Berenji - Rice flour cookies
White color flower shape with sprinkle of poppy seed.
Ingredients: rice flour, flour, vegetable oil, sugar, rose water, egg

Nokodi - Chic pea cookies
Clover shape yellow color that melts in your mouth.
Ingredients: chic pea flour, flour, vegetable oil, sugar, vanilla, and cardamom

Keshemeshi - Flat crunchy round cookies
Ingredients: flour, sugar, vegetable oil, egg & egg whites, raisin, vanilla

Badami - Almond Macaroon
White light round cookie with sprinkle pistachio
Ingredients: almost, sugar, egg whites

Gerduei - Walnut Macaroon
Brown chewy round cookies
Ingredients: walnuts, sugar, eggs, egg whites

Zaban - Oval shape
Flaky with cut in center sprinkled with sesame seeds
Ingredients: flour, vegetable oil, sugar, eggs, vanilla

Rectangle flat cookie covered with sesame and honey. Same dough as Zaban.

Papion - Twisted Flaky Cookies
Covered with confectionary sugar
Ingredients: Same as Zaban.