Cream Puff
Light golden brown bread baked and filled with fresh cream.
Ingredients: flour, vegetable oil, egg, cream (fresh cream, sugar, vanilla)


Chocolate Covered Cream Puff
Our original golden brown cream puff covered with chocolate.
Ingredients: Chocolate syrup (chocolate chips, Dutch cocoa, crushed nuts)

Light flaky dough layered with homemade custard and topped with fresh cream and a sprinkle of crushed napoleon dough.

Cocoa Napoleon
Our original Napoleon covered with Dutch Cocoa.

Roletto - Available in Plain, Fresh Fruit, or Chocolate
Thin layer of light cake spread with our original cream. Rolled as a log with a variety of fresh fruit, chocolate, or cream.
Ingredients: flour, sugar, egg, vanilla

Light sponge cake
Cake with layered cream, custard, fresh fruit